3.1 Man-made form and basic perspective

In the third unit of the Drawing coursework, I was tasked with exploring the shapes of man-made objects and their perspective in relation to the viewer.

I went about looking at the shape of the object, the volume it occupies in the space, and taking into account the sides and depth that isn't directly in my eye line. In all three of the "man made" drawings, I went in first with a light 4H pen and traced the overall volume of my subject, and then lightly traced the volume of each object. Bottles were receding circles, cabinets were receding lines. These "blueprints" of object would inform how to draw the full shape.

Looking closer and closer into each shape, the receding lines informed object themselves, and not only the shelf they were occupying. The items placed behind another were not simply smaller in size, but underneath each other, above each other, and even inside each other, all relative to my position.

When I felt everything fell into its "blueprint" space, I took an HB pencil and, still observing the items closely, drew their outer lines. The cabinet borders and shelves started to frame and intersect everything.

Building up on those, I defined their forms closer. Cups gained their handles, and glasses got their recognizable Ikea look. At this stage, I did a lot of correction. Wine glasses especially, since at my house they are hybrid sets of missing pairs, and I couldn't rely on them reflecting each others shape into distance. In my kitchen cabinet drawing, I am not sure I was very successful at that.

In the drawing showing the brush holder I made from whiskey cartons, I feel the depth is more successful despite being in a smaller shelf space.

After drawing-tracing all objects, I went with a soft 2B pencil and drew in the darker lines clearest and closest to me, shadow lines of some objects (but not the shadows themselves), and thick, soft round edges of glass and pottery.

The final drawing in this series, the one of my bathroom sink felt the most successful in this project. The objects are clear in both their shape and order, and the sink is standing heavy in its dual purpose as a shelf and as a basin.


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