Artist's Statement

As a contemporary painter and a tech professional, Djuro aims to portray the vibrant chaos of screen culture. Her complex relationship with technology fuels her artistic vision, expressing an emotional journey, from deprivation and addiction to enthusiasm and cautious consumption, all in a balanced visual frenzy. Drawing inspiration from both digital expanse and her immediate surroundings, she handcrafts a canvas that marries the virtual with the tactile.

Djuro’s process-led paintings are whimsical "digital landscapes" that bear the imprint of screens, infused with her signature painting technique, and marked by playful disruption. There's a rebellious lack of compositional hierarchy and pictorial sense; instead, layers collide and interact, mirroring the most human tendency tech demonstrates: a lag, a bug, a glitch.


Durdica Selec, also known as Djuro [jUro:h], is a painter turned digital designer turned fine artist. Her work encapsulates the persistent techno utopian ambience of our contemporary existence, which she explores through painting, digital art, and embroidery. 

Hailing originally from Croatia, Djuro now divides her time between her life and art studio in South London, UK and her desert retreat in Andalusia, Spain. Upon receiving her BFA First Class Honours with the Art Academy London, she was awarded the Liberty Specialty Markets Art Award 2022/23. She exhibits in London and continues her painting studies with Turps Art School.

  • work / education / awards

    2023 - 2024 - Turps Art School Correspondence Course

    2022 - 2023 - Turps Art School Correspondence Course

    2022 - 2024 - Liberty Specialty Markets Art Award

    2019 - 2022 - BA Fine Art, First Class Honours, Art Academy London

    2019 - Drawing Foundation with The University for the Creative Arts at OU

    2015 - 2020 - co-founder and designer, Space Squirrel

    2010 - 2014 - runs Illo.me, a character illustration studio

    2007 - 2016 - independent digital designer

    2007 - Tanay studio, Zagreb, Croatia - creative painting degree with Emil Tanay

    2005 - History and English language, Faculty of Philosophy, Osijek, Croatia

  • exhibitions / fairs

    UPCOMING: May 2024 - Drawing Open, group show, No Format Gallery, London

    Apr 2024 - Lick, group show, Safehouse Peckham, London

    Nov 2023 - Painting Open, group show, No Format Gallery, London

    Sept 2023 - Modern Life, duo exhibition, Deptford X Festival, London

    Sept 2023 - Do Not Swallow, group show, Safehouse Peckham, London

    June-July 2023 - The Other Art Fair, London

    May 2023 - SFSA Open Studios, London

    March-April 2023 - Mud, for you, group show, Fitzrovia Gallery, London

    July 2022 - Graduate Showcase at the Art Academy London, Borough, London

    April-May 2022 - Ambient Anxiety, duo exhibition, Curious Kudu, Peckham, London

    Sep - Oct 2021 - peer group exhibition One Fine Day, Fazenda, Spitalfields, London

    July 2020 - peer group exhibition Turning Point, online

process video

"Djuro’s work at first seems a bright and bold venture into a digital world of computer graphics. But the soft colours hide a harder reality. Under their surface is a different world – a manipulative and seductive place of traps and fault lines, disruptive, dangerous and overwhelming. She is interested in the very contemporary tension between the real and virtual worlds, and how our dependence on ever more powerful technology creates confusion between the two."

~ Leslie Manasseh, Brixton Blog

  • Djuro Selec painting process


    Djuro combines the spontaneous nature of spray paint with a controlled application of masking techniques and brushstrokes, which she applies on canvas in anachronistic layers, achieving a visual interference evocative of a screen glitch.

  • Djuro Selec studio view


    The artist's visual dialect mimics and lovingly mocks computer screens, borrowing from over a decade of graphic design work in the tech sector. Her art is influenced by a continuous quest for balance: screen-nature, techie-luddite, figuration-distortion.

“I find that nothing articulates virtual as well as the glitch does. Like beauty, it commands our attention, and wakes us up. We notice being plucked out of immediate reality and sucked into a virtual one.
As digital noise blurs the boundaries between the tangible and the ephemeral,
I invite the viewer into such a mindful opportunity.”

~ Djuro

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