Come To Wallow At Do Not Swallow

~ Michael Holland,


Held in two extraordinary, derelict Victorian buildings, Do Not Swallow is a provocative invitation to art lovers to take a bite, chew and savour the content of the artworks on display in two abandoned houses, before digesting them in one of the largest exhibitions of its kind in London.

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The Top 5 Art Exhibitions to see in South London

~ Tabish Khan, FAD Magazine


"The term ambient anxiety sums up how we all feel these days with the world seeming to lurch from one crisis to another. That’s the message within the abstract works of Elina Yumasheva and Djuro Selec, which look at the environmental burden on the world and how we all appear to be glitching in a world where technology has taken over."

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Ambient Anxiety in Curious Kudu

~ Leslie Manasseh, Brixton Blog


"Art uses a universal language to enable and encourage people to share experiences and feelings. So say Elina Yumasheva and Djuro Selec whose joint exhibition, Ambient Anxiety, is currently in Peckham’s Curious Kudu gallery.

Their work explores two key issues facing humanity: climate change and the transformational impact of technology. Both pose major threats to our world and way of life and yet both seem to have an inexorable momentum in the face of which we appear helpless – under control rather than in control."

"Djuro’s work at first seems a bright and bold venture into a digital world of computer graphics. But the soft colours hide a harder reality. Under their surface is a different world – a manipulative and seductive place of traps and fault lines, disruptive, dangerous and overwhelming. She is interested in the very contemporary tension between the real and virtual worlds, and how our dependence on ever more powerful technology creates confusion between the two."

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Ambient Anxiety

~ Karen Parker, Intersilient


"Selec’s work investigates the glitch, something that is mysterious, unknowable and usually temporary or short-lived. This transient fault is intrinsically difficult to troubleshoot and therefore hard to pin down in technological terms and life! The same can be said of the effects of uncertainty and the anxiety caused by technology and consuming media. The layers of glitch on glitch can confuse us further and thus mounts the tension and anxiety."

“Selec has a system using grids to spray paint through, shifting them slightly to recreate the glitch we see on a screen.  The breakup of the surface of the paint echoes the pixelating as the grid replicates the matrix of transistors and capacitors, allowing or blocking the colours to show.  Ghosting the shapes and colours produces a recognisable fleeting moment on a screen captured on canvas.  Not Responding (Beachball) is an all too familiar icon whirling annoyingly in todays virtual world.  Selec’s image suggests a portal through the beachball shape, but frustratingly it looks the same world beyond.”

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Ambient Anxiety: when art and sustainability collide.

Interview with the artists, by Adriana Farenga at Ambiente Ambienti

"At the edge of the current environmental and social crisis, when technology has invaded our lives and defined our being, the two artists Elina Yumasheva and Djuro Selec explore the concept of Ambient Anxiety, focusing on the neuroses and distress emerging when environmental helplessness meets technological dependency

Displayed at the Kurious Kudu Art Gallery in London, Ambient Anxiety is an emotional rollercoaster that takes the observer through inquietude, frustration, and unspoken pain in a journey of lights and colours that ultimately reveals the cathartic power channelled by the artists’ pieces. We caught up with the Elina Yumasheva and Djuro Selec to talk about their exhibition, and the role art plays in the transition towards a more sustainable world."

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A Sensory Digital/Visual Dialect: With Djuro Selec [INTERVIEW]

~ Maryam Arshad, FAYD Editor in Chief

In this conversation between FAYD and Djuro Selec, we break down the intricacies of her digital/visual dialect. Selec’s canvas is a sensory amalgamation of communicating and translating. Glitches that wreak havoc across the canvas and decisive colour that shifts and triggers movement. Just as these glitches operate as agents of resistance, Selec’s work lives between the virtual and real, as manifestations of an “unscientific method”.

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