1.1 Fractured and dramatic marks

1.1 Fractured and dramatic marks

In this section we are encouraged to experiment and manipulate marks to achieve different effects.

Fractured marks

With short pushing actions, I have filled the A4 papers with different marks, in a variety of pressures, motions (upward and downward) and angles with my thick willow charcoal.

I've tried to work from the shoulder mostly, though once I really got into it, it felt my elbow was doing most of the directional work. My fingers would alternate the tip of the charcoal, and wrists the angle of the stick.

When doing mechanical movements my hand worked with more consistency when the movement would end towards my arm. When I worked away from the arm, both the pressure and angle were clumsier.

Dramatic marks

Using the putty eraser to follow the marks made gave me a nice 3D look, an almost drop shadow effect.

The water brush affected the brush pens beautifully. I've let the water run wild, pool and bloom, but I could be more precise with it if I wanted. I enjoyed the way the pigment would bloom and it reminded me of plush surfaces once it dried. There is definitely a more organic feel to shapes I get when water is the medium.

In the last two exercises, I've returned to dry mediums. First I filled an A3 paper with charcoal stick flat on the paper, and then experimented with adding more marks and lifting the charcoal from the paper.

I've noticed again the 3D effect, but most notable, how I can gain different layers when alternating the movements. It is almost as if weaving the pigment onto the page, most noticeable in the criss-cross grids and below in the tweed-looking area.

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