0.2 Drawing in short and long bursts

0.2 Drawing in short and long bursts

This exercise had me drawing in Short Bursts, again alternating the hands similarly to the work in Project 0.1 .

I've ended up with frantic, zig-zag shapes that were equally scattered around the paper. Depending on the hand I drew with, the "lightnings" were turning towards it.

In the second round, I've started connecting the shapes with smaller "coils", in an attempt to "fuse" them.

In the third, Long Burst round, I've started filling in some shapes the zigzags made. I've made these intentionally unbalanced to create interest.

The play between filled-in and line -drawn shapes remind me of Joan Miro's work seen at Fundació Joan Miró in Barcelona. The geometrical quality to me is reminiscent of Paul Klee drawings I've seen in Bauhaus Design Museum in Berlin.

However, I cannot ignore the shape of my plant that is right behind my easel which is very close to the movements my hands were following.

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