Croquis / Figuary 2019

Croquis / Figuary 2019

While looking for life drawing classes around me, I've stumbled upon Love Life Drawing, who in turn introduced me to the wonderful resource that is Croquis Cafe.

I understand that drawing from a video is not exactly the same as life drawing, with most of the perspective problems being sorted already, and missing the 'feeling' of the body in space. However for the croquis purposes, and for getting back into the swing of things, they are quite handy. It is online, and it is free until you're inclined to donate a few bucks to keep them going.

Since the timed videos are filmed with a live art model, there is the natural tendency for the model to switch poses ever so slightly, and adapting quickly inside a small time frame is always exciting. By the middle of the month, the models even moved all thoughout a pose, which resulted in interesting croquis.

When their channel announced a Figuary - a 29-day long croquis challenge, I've started to draw along here and there. I've used graphite and pastel pencils, and next time I'd like to try the ink + branches for some more expressive work.


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