Watercolor portraits 2018

Watercolor portraits 2018

In the Fall of 2018, I've slowly started preparing myself to dive into art fully. I've made space in my life, my calendar, on my desk. I've put my art supply close by.

Watercolor is the medium that I feel will forever be a mystery for me. So different from my controlling approach to painting, so unforgiving yet so delicate. Somehow, somehow, it was the first medium I bought when I moved to UK permanently-ish, in the fabulous Fred Aldous store back in Manchester.

So when it came to try stuff out, I set out to paint watercolor portraits. I've been mesmerized by Ali Cavanaugh's portraits for a long time now, so inspiration was not a question. I've put some podcasts on (shoutout to West Cork fans!), downloaded some lovely hi-res portrait photos from Unsplash, and started building layers and layers of pigment on the oh so mistakenly regular cartridge paper ("light washes of watercolor" is A LIE)

Enjoy my renderings of complete strangers from the Internet.



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