Developing Drawing - Expression

Developing Drawing - Expression

For our second class with Francesca Corra we explored gestural drawing using still life and natural forms. We were instructed to create free and expressive drawings using only branches, some ink and water to dilute it.

In the first exercise, we got to inspect the shape of the objects and get to know our medium. Dripping was encouraged and the sound of branches on the paper abundant.

This medium is almost my polar opposite, but I was happy to put my control freak aside and just enjoy the shapes my branches were willing to give me. Before this, the last time I used ink was in 2006 when we did a lot of croquis with kebab sticks.

For the second exercise, we were to concentrate on making line drawing with a variety of thickness and motions. I felt an immediate excitement in "knowing my object already and found that making lines in the direction of the general object's shape gave me the results i wanted.

For the third exercise, we were instructed to fill in the shapes and give volume with different tones of ink. Again knowing the objects helped me enjoy the medium more.

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