Developing Drawing - Final Project

Developing Drawing - Final Project

The final two weeks we were free to dive into any project we want. I've used the cast bust of a muscular system our tutor prepared for us undecided ones, as it was exactly the thing I wanted to try: a heavy contrast cast and with an anatomy lesson attached.

I've worked in charcoal, very carefully in the beginning, setting the proportions and tracing all the muscle tissue. What I completely failed to do at this stage, was set a mid tone layer all over the paper, since I aimed to finish the drawing tonally.

Somewhat out of order, I've started filling the background in middle of our block classes. Then I found myself chasing dark and mid tones all over the head.

In the last class, I've given up on any muscle and used my fingers to establish the tonal values of the cast. My tutor came round and applauded: "Finally, you're smudging the charcoal, you've been resisting for 10 weeks now!".

I've retraced the muscle tissue lines in both charcoal and putty eraser (so satisfying!) and finally came closer to what I've set out to do.

This class was an absolute joy to attend and made me realise how if I give up just this little bit of control, I'm set to learn new approaches. I've also learned I enjoy the atmosphere of the art classroom way more than I remembered, and will consider studying full-time.

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