Developing Drawing - Line

Developing Drawing - Line

In week 7 we were instructed to "harness the power of the line", making drawings that explore the elegance of the single line, the vitality of multiple lines, and the ease of a continuous line drawing.

We had a variety of drawing exercises to follow through. I've used my brush pens and Sharpies.

The first exercise was drawing object(s) in a continuous line. My hand virtually fell numb after filling out the A1 paper. Next time I am concentrating on one object only.

The second exercise was using simple shapes to describe an object. I've used triangles and ovals to depict a small fern.

The third one was to tie together two pens and use them to double our moves.

The fourth one was simply using line in sharp movements, concentrating on the geometry of the object. I was reminded of the widely popular polygonal design trend a few years ago. It was satisfying concentrating on a small object but filling out an A1 paper with it.

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