Developing Drawing - Rhythm

Developing Drawing - Rhythm

In week 4 we explored rhythm in drawing through drawing to music, developing patterns and marks that encapsulate a range of music pieces.

We've listened to 4 different composition, and were instructed to listen to the music first for a bit, then find the colours we wish to use and draw the rhythm we feel. I've added to this different colour A1 papers as well, as I thought it would be fitting with such a varied scale of moods and rhythms coming through.

The first one we listened was a classical piano composition. I've felt drops of high-pitch sound falling onto a sea of fluid piano notes.

The second one was a classic jazz composition of a what felt to me, New Orleans or New York golden era. I was reminded of the brilliant Archibald Motley paintings and tried to emulate them with my choice of colour and shapes.

The third one was Tchaikovsky's "Romeo and Juliet". I've wanted to set the drama of the fight between love (lush greenery and flowery swirls) and societal restrictions (red and orange "bricks") onto the black paper.

The last one was another classical composition, but with swift, energetic hangd clapping and a swirling latino melody. It was reminiscent of Spanish folk music so I've used red and brown tones to convey the hands clapping, with green swirls as a melody that tied them together.

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