Drawing in Museums - National Gallery

Drawing in Museums - National Gallery

In week 3 we visited the National Gallery. We swung by a selection of Renaissance pieces by the old masters, and our tutor, Natasha Lien introduced them us with great enthusiasm. We were then to choose one to sketch and to focus on rhythm and composition.

I've chosen Rubens' "The Judgement of Paris" because there were several figures to concentrate on, while the whole scene was rich in rhythm of colours and unusual composition.

I was absolutely unprepared for the richness of the painting, and tried to capture too much. I've sketched it in graphite first, and then pulled my new water-soluble wax pastels. The colors I've had on hand were of a limited selection, and I had to be choosy. I've also missed the time mark and couldn't finish the sketch.

The lessons learned?

  1. Know my medium prior to sketching outside
  2. Bring a sturdy sketchbook, esp. if standing
  3. Set reasonable goals for the time period
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