Drawing in Museums - The Wallace collection

Drawing in Museums - The Wallace collection

On week 5 we met at The Wallace Collection. We were be able to choose our own theme to focus on from themes we have covered in previous week.

I've set out to sketch a tonal portrait. My choice was Velasquez' "The Lady With A Fan". The painting uses a limited palette but a wide variety of tone so I felt like testing out my new Conté crayons and sticks.

Once again I didn't have enough time to finish the sketch, and these crayons's waxiness tested me a little. However, just looking at an old master's work for a longer time gave me so much.

One of the lovely positives of this class was how many kids seemed interested in my work. I've had two little girls standing each of my side, and when I turned my head to look at one, she was wide eyed and with mouth gaping open, as if in shock this could be done. Another young girl decided to sketch after looking at our class, and I gave her a piece of paper. The simple joy of drawing does not change with age, and I am loving sharing it with others.

This was our last class in Drawing in Museums course and thanks to our tutor, Natasha Lien, I feel positively empowered to start sketching on my own.

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