Jake Spicer + Cass Art / Jun 2019

Jake Spicer + Cass Art / Jun 2019

In June we were covering surface as a concept in drawing. Jake led us through the idea of feeling the outer layers of the model, their skin, the hair, and how we can show the tactile quality on a 2D surface.

We first had an interesting exercise to get us into the right mindset. With our eyes closed, we were to use our free hand to touch our face as we drew its surface simultaneously. This is my end result whom I've lovingly nicknamed Yeti:

We then proceeded to do a similar thing for the model's head but without any touching, we were to feel the surface as we drew.

Later we were to focus on a body part that drew our attention. I was interested in the play of the male body hair across the skin.

The final session gave us time to draw as we wished, but with the concept of surface in mind. I switched to charcoal to see how different medium would behave while I try to describe surface.

In the end I felt I'd need to research this a bit more, and exercise on different kinds of models and materials. I love when I manage show surface as it is, but there is something wonderful in more expressive, hectic ones like Egon Schiele drawings or the uncanny valley-feel of shiny skin in Robin Frances Williams' figure paintings.

I've took note again on what to research further: Käthe Kollwitz and old masters' drawings.

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