Jake Spicer + Cass Art / Jan 2019

Jake Spicer + Cass Art / Jan 2019

In my search for life drawing in London I ran across the Cass Art Islington drawing class led by Jake Spicer. The class is held once a month in their flagship store, on the first floor.

Jake is quite experienced with life drawing classes and has authored a number of books on the topic. His instructions are clear and presented in a fun way. He also does rounds across the room once we start drawing, giving every student as much direction as they want.

The class I went to right after New Years was absolutely perfect for me as a return to life drawing after (whelp!) more than a decade. It was sort of an intro class to life drawing with handy instructions like "Don't draw hands and feet, draw mittens and socks."

We warmed up with several short 3' poses and then did three 20' ones.

I worked with charcoal as well after a long time. It was easier to follow the quick croquis poses with such a soft, forgiving medium.

You must forgive my life drawings being so wrinkled and smudged as I drag them with me to the pub after, and smush them in the tube and trains, often jumping over rain puddles on my way home.


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