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spray paint and oil on canvas

89 x 146 cm

This artwork explores the visual stimuli of interfacing with a smart device, and the warping of the sense of time and space as we infinitely scroll. Through an immersive size and an abstract approach, this piece references the technosphere and the grid-like architecture of the web. Large portions are spray-painted through a painted tulle material, whose uniform netting adds to the pixelated effect. The finer details are finished in acrylic and oil, lending their material qualities to fluid qualities of LCD screens. Bold rectangle lines and wavy background distortions evoke a signal disruption and create the appearance of glitching the imagined screen. Following the sentiment of Hito Steyerl and Legacy Russel’s writing, this painting pays tribute to the glitch as an agent of resistance to the machine, usurping the grip the online has on us. Its visual digital artefacts are not just welcome, but celebrated. 


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