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spray paint on canvas

100 x 130cm


With consistently faster transistors and higher resolutions, our physical reality is becoming indiscernible from a virtual one at an exponential rate. Here the noise-filled, static-like, monochrome plane is forcefully transformed into another colour format, into a higher resolution. In the spaces where tech progress meets its format predecessor, the glitch is summoned to point to the incoherent edges of the Information Age.

Currently on loan


"Djuro’s work at first seems a bright and bold venture into a digital world of computer graphics. But the soft colours hide a harder reality. Under their surface is a different world – a manipulative and seductive place of traps and fault lines, disruptive, dangerous and overwhelming. She is interested in the very contemporary tension between the real and virtual worlds, and how our dependence on ever more powerful technology creates confusion between the two."

~ Leslie Manasseh, Brixton Blog