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Scatterbrain I


spray paint on canvas

61 x 50 cm

The Scatterbrain paintings encapsulate the contemporary compulsion to simultaneously navigate our various online realms, profiles, and media. Opening one app inevitably leads to checking another, and while engrossed in the big screen, we feel the incessant need to ensure we're not missing out on something more captivating on the smaller screen. This constant spiral between virtual spaces scatters our attention and dilutes our experience of the present moment. Within this painting, the viewer is invited to illuminate their own inclination to spiral and escape the here and now, by focusing their gaze on the deliberate brushstrokes that unearth layers upon layers of brilliant colour, mirroring the immersive screen experience. The sharp vertical transitions into negative colour formats punctuate the distortion of the imaginary digital space, creating a visual rhythm reminiscent of scrolling through endless content.