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Vertigo in Green


spray paint on canvas

65 x 54 cm

As one turns off their screen, it takes a moment for reality to crystallise, fully engaging our senses. The intertwining of our virtual and offline lives creates a Pavlovian response, ingraining our minds with a conditioned association to the digital realm. To capture the visual essence of a screen, the artist employed a distinctive technique, utilising spray paint through a netting, pre-painted in latex. This method results in a piece that not only showcases trust in the medium but also embraces the serendipitous drips and accidents that arise. Much like real screens, this imaginary screen's allure punctuates our visual perception, holding our focus in a state of flux, caught between two realms. Represented by a warm brightness, we glimpse the elusive "there" we are instinctively trained to reach for, peeking through the pixelated curtain of moiré interference that delicately drizzles over the canvas' flatness.


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