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"Vertigo in Green" - Giclée Print

297 x 367 mm

This series of unlimited edition “Vertigo” prints describe the transverse feeling of inhabiting our online and offline spaces simultaneously, and the sensory, mental and emotional overload of switching from one to another. I've created the original works with spray paint on canvas over 2022 and 2023, both in Spain and in London.

Now translated into prints, they offer a new format for the familiar pixelated visual language I use in my work.  With no strictly assigned compositional hierarchy, the layers cut and disrupt one another, bringing new chromatic surprises in the process.  In their saccharine, pastel rainbow palette, these imaginary digital landscapes hold us suspended in their air-tight, silicone gravity – just like the screens we hold in our hands.

This is an unlimited (300 pieces) Giclée edition print of an original spray painting on canvas.

Produced in London, UK and shipped worldwide. High-quality prints printed on Giclée Hahnemühle Pearl. Size 227 x 367 mm with border, close to A3 format with border, will fit nicely in an A2 frame.



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"Selec’s canvas is a sensory amalgamation of communicating and translating. Glitches that wreak havoc across the canvas and decisive colour that shifts and triggers movement. Just as these glitches operate as agents of resistance, Selec’s work lives between the virtual and real, as manifestations of an “unscientific method”

~ Maryam Arshad, FAYD Editor in Chief