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Wanderer III


spray paint on canvas

46 x 38 cm


The Wanderer paintings offer a contemporary contemplation of our capacity to maintain focus amidst the vast realm of online content. They delve into the distracting allure of following related hyperlinks, which can often dilute our engagement with our intended pursuits. The artist employed a distinctive technique, utilising spray paint through a pre-painted latex netting, resulting in a composition that exudes confidence in the medium and embraces the serendipitous drips and accidents that arise. The artwork showcases gentle yet distinct transitions of colours, accompanied by chromatic aberration effects that evoke the dispersal of a computer screen beneath bold brushstrokes. With enthusiasm, this piece invites viewers to wander within its RGB borders, embracing its fluid momentum.


"Djuro’s work at first seems a bright and bold venture into a digital world of computer graphics. But the soft colours hide a harder reality. Under their surface is a different world – a manipulative and seductive place of traps and fault lines, disruptive, dangerous and overwhelming. She is interested in the very contemporary tension between the real and virtual worlds, and how our dependence on ever more powerful technology creates confusion between the two."

~ Leslie Manasseh, Brixton Blog