The Other Art Fair / Summer 2023

This collection is a combination of works from my two most recent series, "Hyperstimulation" and "Technophobia", carefully curated to and presented at The Other Art Fair in London, Summer Session 2023.

“Selec has a system using grids to spray paint through, shifting them slightly to recreate the glitch we see on a screen.  The breakup of the surface of the paint echoes the pixelating as the grid replicates the matrix of transistors and capacitors, allowing or blocking the colours to show.  Ghosting the shapes and colours produces a recognisable fleeting moment on a screen captured on canvas.  Not Responding (Beachball) is an all too familiar icon whirling annoyingly in todays virtual world.  Selec’s image suggests a portal through the beachball shape, but frustratingly it looks the same world beyond.”

~ Karen Parker, Intersilient